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Campbell River / Vancouver Island Long Term Care Homes

Campbell River Long Term Care Home Offers Specialized Professional Health Care

Evergreen Seniors Home on Vancouver Island is a long term care home in Campbell River offering professional nursing and personal care on a 24-hour basis.

Evergreen has a medical director and attending physicians 7 days a week to provide long term care residents with medical care. The care includes visits at the Evergreen long term care senior’s home in Campbell River in addition to care conference meetings with residents and their families to provide personalized input into medical practices and procedures for each resident.

In-house Medical Professionals Provided for Vancouver Island Long Term Care Home Residents

At Evergreen Seniors Home a pharmacist provides clinical consultation and educational services. Using the Canada Food Guide our registered dietician ensures individual nutritional needs are met to promote optimal health.

At the Campbell River Evergreen Seniors Home and Long Term Care Home on Vancouver Island we feel that quality of life includes movement and interaction. In addition to caring for immediate medical and physical needs we also provide physiotherapy and occupational therapy to assist ease of daily living (extra charges may apply with some services) for our Vancouver Island long term care home residents.

Campbell River Long Term Care Home Extras
The Evergreen Seniors Home and long term care home offers additional services (at additional cost) for the comfort and convenience of residents. These services include Oxygen Therapy services, Pastoral and Spiritual Care Services, Podiatry (foot care) services by a trained nurse, Dental Hygienist, Denturist, Optometry, Audiology, Medications/Treatments.

Whether you require a small amount of care or have more extensive needs consider the Campbell River Evergreen Seniors Home and long term care home on Vancouver Island, the seniors care home with heart.