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Nursing & Personal Care Services

Specialized Professional Health Care

Professional nursing and personal care on a 24-hour basis, 7 days a week Medical Director and Attending Physician(s) provide medical care with in-facility visits, meet with the residents and family for Care Conferences and provide input into medical practices and procedures.

Pharmacist: provides clinical consultation and educational services

Registered Dietician: ensures nutritional needs are met according to the Canada Food Guide

Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy: to assist with maintenance of functional abilities in activities of daily living (extra charges may apply with some services)

Oxygen Therapy services: (extra charges may apply)

Pastoral and Spiritual Care Services

Podiatry (foot care): services by a trained nurse (on a fee for service basis)

Dental Hygienist: (on a fee for service basis)

Denturist: arrangements to have dentures made, relined or adjusted may be made through the charge nurse or by contacting a Denturist of your choice. Most Denturists will provide services in facility. The cost of these services is the responsibility of the resident.

Optometry: care by a Registered Optometrist is arranged for any resident requiring care. The cost of these visits will be the resident’s responsibility if not covered by a plan.

Audiology: care by a Registered Audiologist is arranged when requested. The cost will be covered by the resident.

Medications/Treatments: are prescribed by the physician and are administered by the nursing staff. No medication of any kind may be brought to the resident or left in the resident’s room unless special approval by licensing. There may be a charge for drugs not covered by MSP.

Registered Massage Therapist: to assist with relaxation and pain management (extra charge if not covered by extended health or alternate payor)
Acupuncture Therapy: to assist with relaxation and pain management (on a fee for service basis)

Catheter care

Ostomy/urostomy care

Wound care

Diabetic care

Dementia care

Palliative/end of life care

Access and referrals to community resources and expertise, such as Psycho- geriatric and Mental Health Consultants, Family Support Service resource groups.

Personalized care programs can be augmented with other professional community assistance on an individual basis, as arranged with the Home (for example, additional private duty care – extra charge).

Alcoholic beverages – many residents may wish to continue to consume alcoholic beverages. The home will attempt to accommodate this choice although all spirits will be kept in the medication room for the resident’s safety and dispensed by the nurse.