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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What Services do we offer?

A: We can accommodate many needs:

  1. Long Term Care
  2. Short Term Care - Respite
  3. Day Program
  4. Over-night Stay
  5. Post-op and/or Rehabilitative Support

Q: What is the difference between private pay and subsidized?

A: Private Pay – the resident pays the FULL cost of care. Rates are available on request. Call 250-286-7274 extension 103 for information and waitlist.

Subsidized – the resident’s per diem or daily rate for a funded placement is set by Island Health Authority (IH) and is based on the previous year’s income.  Currently this ranges from $1,104.70 - $3,240.00 per month.  The government –  Island Health pay the remainder of your the monthly cost of care. Call central intake at 1-866-928-4988 to request an assessment.

Q: What type of care can be accommodated at Evergreen?

A: Evergreen provides the following types of care:

Hospice – persons requiring palliative/end of life care;

Mental Health & Substance Use – persons who require care primarily due to a mental disorder, substance dependence or both;

Complex Care – persons with chronic or progressive conditions, primarily due to the aging process; (i.e. dementia, alzheimer’s)

Community Living – persons with developmental disabilities

Acquired Injury – persons whose physical, intellectual and cognitive abilities are limited primarily due to an injury, including persons suffering from brain injuries or injuries sustained in accidents.


Q: What is covered by the rate?

A: Accommodation, utilities, food, laundry & housekeeping services, recreational/social program, 24-hour nursing care, 24-hour security system.


Q: What is not covered – “other out-of-pocket” expenses?

A: Telephone service, cablevision TV, some recreational/outing expenses, medications, personal/medical care items, incontinence items (private pay), some medical care items, beauty salon services, podiatry, physiotherapy, occupational therapy.


Q: Do residents have to share units?

A: All but one unit are single occupancy.  The double unit is often used for couples who wish to be together.


Q: How big are the units?

A: Single rooms are approximately 256 square feet or 23.7 square meters. The double room is twice the size with one (1) washroom.


Q: If my parent comes in on a private-pay basis, can we later switch to a funded bed?

A: Transfer to a funded bed is possible by placing their name on a transfer list that is managed by Island Health. Evergreen has no control over funded beds.


Q: How long will it take to qualify?

A: It is variable and there is no specific time scale. The current wait time on the transfer list may be available from Island Health. 


Q: Do the residents have their own apartments?

A: Units (bedrooms) are private with an en-suite bathroom, but lounges, dining areas and recreational areas are communal spaces that allow for greater social interaction.


Q: Will someone do the laundry?

A: All laundry is performed onsite by our own staff. Evergreen does not have laundry services available for the residents' private use. Clothing that is not washable and requires special handling (dry cleaning) are the responsibility of the resident or the resident’s family.


Q: How often is laundry done?

A: Sheets are changed weekly or more often as the need determines and personal laundry is done when required.


Q: What about the cost of medications?

A: The cost of medications is reimbursed through the Ministry of Health Pharmacare program. Those medications not completely covered by Pharmacare are paid for by the resident.


Q: Can a person bring their own furniture in?

A: Evergreen supplies an electric bed, bedside table, dresser and armoire. Personal furniture and items are encouraged – in consultation with Evergreen Staff to ensure the Safety and Security of all within the home.
Personal items required: Television, chair, telephone.


Q: How often are the rooms cleaned?

A: Light cleaning is done daily and total clean is performed weekly.


Q: Can we hang pictures on the walls?

A: Special picture hooks are available for purchase.


Q: Can we bring in our own furniture or bed?

A: Residents are encouraged to bring any furniture to make their own room comfortable and feel at home as long as it does not cause a safety issue. However, any furniture supplied by Evergreen cannot be removed unless there is storage available.


Q: Is there a weekly church service?

A: Pastoral services are volunteer services – services are usually held weekly by alternating denominations. See activities calendar for schedule.


Q: Are pets allowed?

A: Pets such as birds or tropical fish are permitted only if arrangements for cleaning and feeding are in place. Evergreen staff cannot be responsible for this. To ensure the safety and security of all - the pet visitation policy must be followed if family or friends wish to bring their pet for a visit.


Q: How do I pay the bill at Evergreen?

A: Monthly accommodation are payable on the last business day prior to the 1st of each month by pre-authorized debit or post-dated cheque. Visa or Mastercard can be used – with an additional processing fee.


Q: Can I come and go from Evergreen?

A: The family physician will be required to write an order allowing the resident to go out on pass. Residents are able to be signed out of the home for outings with families whenever families request it. If medications need to be given, during the time of the outing, the nurse will see that the family has the required dosages to be given. Medical and vacation leaves of absences are also allowed – the room will be held and cost of accommodation as usual.


Q: Can I bring in my personal items?

A: Residents are encouraged to bring personal belongings into the home to make their suite more familiar.


Q: What information is required at the time of admission?

A: When a resident is admitted, families must bring to the office a copy of the Representation Agreement, POA, Provincial Health Number (PHN) and social insurance number. The notice of assessment from the latest income tax filing is required in order to provide proof of income.


Q: What if I decide to leave Evergreen for another Long Term Care Home?

A: If a resident is discharged to another home, they are responsible for room charges up to the day of discharge or the day the personal items have been removed from the room whichever is the later.




Q: My parent will not remember to eat; will someone remind him/her when it is mealtime?

A: Lunch and dinner are at set times every day and care staff are trained to remind residents, who need reminding, that it’s mealtime.


Q: Will someone help my parent get to the dining room?

A: Staff will give residents any assistance required.


Q: How often will they he helped with a bath?

A: Bathing is scheduled and staff-assisted for a minimum of two (2) baths or showers/week.


Q: My parent forgets to take her/his pills; will someone remind her/him?

A: The nurse on duty will ensure that prescribed medication is taken and recorded on the medication record. All medications are dispensed by the nurse and residents are observed taking their medications. Medications cannot be left with any resident unless there has been special permission obtained from licensing.


Q: My parent cannot dress herself; does the staff help?

A: Staff will assist where needed.


Q: My parent will get lost; will someone help?

A: Staff will assist any resident who appears lost. The facility keeps the exit doors locked so we considered ourselves a “medium” secure unit. All visitors must ensure residents do not follow them out the front exit door.


Q: Do you take care of people with Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia?

A: Evergreen provides care for people with these conditions as well as many other age-related conditions.


Q: Can we eat a meal with our Mother?

A: Yes, guests are most welcome to join residents for meals. Guests may eat with the resident in the main dining room. A private family meal or celebration dinner can be arranged with dietary. Please ask for details regarding these arrangements. A few hours notice is appreciated to allow the kitchen sufficient preparation time. Exceptions to this early notification may be made if necessary. Please speak to the kitchen regarding payment options.


Q: Can family be involved?

A: We encourage families to come and enjoy the activities and functions of our Home whenever they are able.


Q: My parent is diabetic and has a special diabetic diet, will Evergreen be able to handle this?

A: A qualified Registered Dietician assesses all dietary needs for residents and the kitchen will provide any special diets as required.


Q: My parent likes to have a drink in the evening. Is this okay?

A: Alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be stored in resident rooms but must be kept in the medication room. Alcoholic beverages can be provided by the nurse with a physician’s order. We have a “Happy Hour” every Friday afternoon.


Q: My parent does not like fish? Is there a substitute?

A: There is always a substitute available.

Q: What are the staffing ratios at Evergreen?

A: Staffing ratios vary according to shift and unit as consideration is given to the needs of the residents living in each care area. Our Direct Care Hour (DCH) generally runs above the recommended 3.36.


Q: Who will be responsible for my medical care?

A: Residents may retain their own physician as long as he/she have admitting privileges at the local hospital.


Q: How much money should residents keep on hand?

A: For the convenience of the residents, money may be deposited in a trust account in the resident’s name at administration office to allow access to spending money during the day. Money can be withdrawn Monday through Friday. We cannot be held responsible for valuables or money kept in a resident’s room. It is recommended that only a small amount of money be kept on hand ( i.e. $5.00 - $20.00).


Q: What are the times for visiting?

A: There are no restrictions on visiting hours. Entrance and exit is through the front door only. The sign in and out book is at the front reception desk.


Q: Is parking available for guests?

A: Visitor parking is located in the main and side parking lot at the front of Evergreen. Two handicap parking spots are available in the front parking lot.


Q: What are the guidelines for residents wishing to leave the Home for outings?

A: We encourage our residents to continue the companionship and interaction with family and friends. Outings and family functions is a great way to do this.
We ask that residents, family members or friends let the charge nurse know at least one hour before they depart, this enables everything to be ready. If a resident is leaving overnight or for several days, the nurse will need to be notified at least one day prior in order to arrange medications and cancel meals.


Q: Sign In and Out Book

A: To ensure the safety of all residents, we request that when leaving the Home, the Sign In and Out Book located at the front reception/nurse’s desk be completed. The information required includes: the resident’s name, the date and the person accompanying.


Q: When we return from an evening outing, will we ring the door bell as usual?

A: Yes, if you do not have access to the code. Please note that nursing staff, especially in the evenings, are usually busy preparing the residents for bed, there may be a delay in answer to your call.


Q: Can the residents expect Fire Drills?

A: For the safety and protection of residents, fire drills are held monthly. If the fire alarms rings, residents and guests must return to their rooms. Doors will close automatically. Please close windows if you are able. Your nurse will keep you informed and give you further instructions as necessary.


Q: Is cable television available to residents?

A: Cable television outlets are available in every room. The current charge is $35.00/month and is charged to the comfort fund.


Q: Can the resident have their own telephone?

A: Telephone outlets are available in each room, however, individual arrangements must be made with the telephone company for listing and installation. Telephone charges are the individual responsibility of each resident.


Q: What if I need a walker or wheelchair?

A: Residents are encouraged to obtain their own specialized equipment such as walkers, wheelchairs or other specialized seating as each resident’s seating and safety needs are unique. Residents with special needs are assessed for additional equipment that will encourage independence and make day-to-day living easier. Motorized wheelchairs/scooters are assessed on an individual basis and are allowed once the resident is deemed capable of operating one. The cost of assessment for specialized equipment, seating equipment and safety assessment for motorized wheelchairs/scooters is the responsibility of the resident.

New legislation requires the availability of a basic wheelchair for subsidized residents.


Q: What will happen to my family member as she/he ages in place?

A: The phenomenon referred to as “aging in place” is not uncommon to Evergreen. We recognize the necessity for a flexible menu of programs and services that continue to be tailored to the changing needs of all residents. Our professional staff is trained to appreciate and adapt to these changing needs. Functional and cognitive needs assessments are done regularly to update the care plan to appropriately address and adequately meet the needs of our residents. Keep in mind the accommodation rate will be adjusted according to the changes due to aging in place.


Q: Are there hairdressing services?

A: These services are available on a twice weekly basis. Services and prices are posted.



Q: What types of activities are offered?

A: Activities can be individualized, small or large group and range from bingo, bowling, picnics, music, art and crafts, local musicians and performers such as belly-dancers, swimming, shopping, events at the Tidemark, etc.


Q: How will I know what is organized for activities?

A: An activity calendar is posted at various locations every month. All residents receive individual calendars for their rooms.


Q: Do you have a bus?

A: We do not have a bus at this time. Transportation for outings is by Handidart, Employee or Family Vehicle, City Transit or Taxi.