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Recreation & Activities

Recreational programming to encourage conversation, laughter, mental stimulation and physical activity. Planned activity program with daily exercise, games, outings, music, movies, arts & crafts, and memory enhancements.

Recreational Services is responsible for the promotion and delivery of care that enhances the quality of life of each Resident. Programs are designated to meet the social, therapeutic, recreational and rehabilitation needs of all Residents in the Home.

Recreation programs may be large (bingo, sing-along, parties) or small (bowling, swimming, cooking, current events) in nature and held during the week, weekend or evenings within the Home or as outings into the community. At certain special outings (luncheons, coffee & donut, etc.) Residents have to pay for their own expenses.

An activity calendar is posted in each room as well as on the information bulletin board in the common area. There are a variety of group events, entertainment, games, exercises, movies, music, news, outings and more planned for activities. The calendar will also include as many opportunities outside Evergreen as possible such as movies, shopping, picnics, trips to restaurants, to the pier, museum and other local places. We strongly encourage Residents to attend events of interest to them. It is our goal to assist  Residents to remain as mentally alert and physically active as possible.

Activities are offered in large groups, small groups and on a one-to-one basis depending on the type of activity and the needs of each individual person.