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Resident Information

Resident’s Rights

As a Resident of Evergreen Seniors Home, we believe you are unique and have the right...

To Be Informed Of Your Rights

Evergreen Seniors Home’s Occupancy Agreement outlines your rights and responsibilities as a Resident. When you sign the Agreement, this signifies that you have received and understood these rights and rules of the building and its operations.

To Be Informed About Evergreen Seniors Homes Services and Charges

You have the right to be fully informed of the services available in Evergreen Seniors Home and of the charges related to those services.

  • To receive the care and assistance with activities of daily living which is appropriate to your condition.
  • To receive reactivation and assistance towards independence consistent with your requirements.
  • To live in a safe, secure and clean environment.
  • To be given access to protected areas outside the Home in order to enjoy outdoor activity, unless the physical setting makes this impossible.

To Be Informed About Your Medical Condition

You have the right to be fully informed of your medical condition.

  • To be informed of changes in treatment, medications, and policies pertaining to your care.
  • To be fully informed when being considered for restraints, about the procedures and the consequences of receiving or refusing them.

To Participate in Your Plan of Care

You have the right to be given the opportunity to participate in the planning of your medical treatment.

  • To give or refuse consent to treatment, including medications, in accordance with the law and to be informed of the consequences of giving or refusing consent.
  • To have the opportunity to participate fully in making any decision and obtaining an independent medical opinion concerning any aspect of your care, including any decision concerning your admission, discharge or transfer to or from the Home.

To Choose Your Own Physician

You have the right to choose your own physician with admitting privileges to the local hospital.

To Manage Your Own Personal Finances

You can either manage your own funds or authorize someone else to manage them for you. If you authorize Evergreen Seniors Home to handle your funds you have the right to:

  • Know where your funds are, and the account number
  • Receive a written accounting statement every 3 months
  • Receive a receipt for any funds spent
  • Have access to your funds within 7 banking days

To Privacy, Dignity and Respect

You have the right to be treated with consideration, respect, and with full recognition of your dignity and individuality.

  • To have staff and visitors respect your private living space and possessions.
  • To have your medical records kept confidential in accordance with the law.
  • To form friendships, to enjoy relationships and to participate in the resident-family council at your own discretion.
  • To meet privately with your spouse in a room that ensures privacy and where both spouses are residents in the same home, they have the right to share a room according to their wishes, if an appropriate room is available.

The Right To Use Your Own Clothing and Possessions

  • You have the right to retain and use your own personal clothing and possessions as space permits, unless to do so would infringe upon rights of other residents, or constitute a hazard to safety.
  • To keep your room and display - personal possessions, pictures and furnishings in keeping with safety requirements and other residents’ rights.

To Be Free From Abuse

You have the right to be free from mental and physical and financial abuse.

To Voice Grievance Without Retaliation

  • You are encouraged to exercise your right to voice grievances and recommend change in policies and services to Evergreen Seniors Home staff without fear of coercion discrimination, or reprisal.
  • To know concerns are acknowledged and acted upon where necessary.

To Access

  • You may receive any visitor of your choosing and you may refuse a visitor permission to enter your room
  • You have the right to immediate access by family and reasonable access to others
    Communication between you and your visitor/family member is confidential
  • Visitors may talk to you and offer you personal, social and legal services as you so choose.
  • Visitors/family members may help you claim your rights and benefits through individual assistance, legal action or other forms or representation.
  • To have members of your family present twenty-four hours per day for periods when you require their comfort and support.
  • To exercise your rights as a Canadian citizen, being given the opportunity to vote in Provincial and Federal elections and to raise concerns or recommend changes in policies and services on behalf of yourself or others to the residents’ council, the home’s staff, government officials, or any other person inside or outside the Home, without fear of restraint, interference, coercion, discrimination or reprisal.
  • To pursue social, cultural, religious and other interests to develop your potential and to be given reasonable provisions by the Home to accommodate these pursuits.
  • To be informed in writing of any law, rule or policy affecting the operation of the Home and of the procedures for initiating complaints.